2.5" KillerCrank v2
  • 2.5" KillerCrank v2

    Everything you get with the KillerCrank but with a reinforced squarebill and improved rattle.


    "When creating the KillerCrank, we aimed to build a versatile lure that could be fished in any, lake at any time. We wanted a go-to crankbait that would consistently catch fish time and time again. After countless prototypes and more hours on the water than we would like to admit, Lake Lunkers is proud to say that we accomplished this feat in the KillerCrank. This lure features our signature rattle encased in super tough plastic, allowing it to withstand even the roughest fishing conditions. After the lure is permanently sealed, each crankbait is then painted by our cutting edge, laser directed printing system. This lets us create fine details that even the smartest fish cannot pass up. The KillerCrank is then coated with our protective gloss and 3-D eyes are added to top off an already incredible bait. So, if you're having trouble deciding what to fish, or just aren't having any luck, toss out the KillerCrank. You won't be dissapointed."


      Length: 2 1/2 in. / 6.3 cm.

      Weight: 1/2 oz. / 14.0 g

      Dive depth: Medium (3-5 ft.)