4" GreatFish
  • 4" GreatFish

    This is no ordinary baitfish lure, it's the GreatFish. Why do we call it that? Well there's three main reasons. It looks GREAT, it swims GREAT, and it catches BIG fish. So, why does it look so good? First, each lure is primed. Then it undergoes a full-body painting with our state of the art, laser-directed printing machine. After that, each lure is coated with our signature closs that will keep the lure in perfect condition, no matter what the fishing application is. The real question is, how does it swim so well? The secret is that the GreatFish utilizes our patented, multi-joint system which allows the lure to swim in a lifelike pattern that mimicks the action of a baitfish. Bring all of this together, and you get a lure that catches BIG fish.


      Length: 4 in. / 10.2 cm.

      Weight: 0.8 oz. / 22.7 g

      Rate of Fall: Medium/Fast

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